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Nigerian Dwarf Goats Staring at the Camera


Our mission is to hone our skills to homestead from scratch. We view this platform as a forum where we can all learn and grow together, working towards this sustainable lifestyle.


We are a husband-and-wife duo, and founders of Browns’ Family Farmstead. Our homestead journey began in 2020, like many, we re-evaluated our priorities and goals in the midst of the pandemic. We decided suburbia was no longer fulfilling us and we wanted to get back to our roots so we purchased an old farmhouse on 4.25 acres. Our new surroundings gave us and our furry babies new life. We quickly fell in love with the quiet nights, harvesting our own food, and spending countless hours outside enjoying the peace. It did not take long for us to decide we wanted to make this a more sustainable and permanent way of life. Our farm has started with chickens, goats, and a garden, but we intend to continue to grow over time.

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