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40 Old Fashioned Rooster Names That Will Make You Smile

Expanding your flock is an exciting time! Whether you are new to raising chickens or if you have raised them for yours. You will quickly learn the new members of your flocks' unique personalities and traits.

To honor this and distinguish between them, we gave our bird names. This not only allowed us to tell them apart, but also enriched our experience with our flock by strengthening our connection.

While it is most common for homesteaders to raise hens as they provide eggs, it is not uncommon to have a rooster in your flock. We have put together a carefully curated list of our favorite old man themed chicken names.

For our top tips when naming chickens, or to learn more about how chickens can learn their names read our article.

Table of Contents

Leghorn Rooster and Hen laying down

Old Man Chicken Names

  • Albert

  • Arthur

  • Barney

  • Bernard

  • Charles

  • Chester

  • Clarence

  • Clifford

  • Cyrus

  • Earl

  • Earnest

  • Edgar

  • Edmund

  • Emmett

  • Eugene

  • Felix

  • Finley

  • Frank

  • Frederick

  • Gideon

  • Gus

  • Harvey

  • Herman

  • Lawrence

  • Louis

  • Milton

  • Mortimer

  • Murray

  • Oscar

  • Otis

  • Percy

  • Ralph

  • Raymond

  • Sebastian

  • Silas

  • Stanley

  • Theodore

  • Walter

  • Wallace

  • Wilbur

  • Willis

Our 23 Favorite Old Lady Chicken Names

Easter Egger Chicken with a look like she's seen some things

If you are selecting chicken names based on an old timey theme, then you are probably seeking an old-fashioned name for your hens. Below we have listed our favorite old lady bird names.

For the complete list check out our complete guide on Old Lady Chicken Names.

  • Agatha

  • Beatrice

  • Constance

  • Cordelia

  • Dorothy

  • Dot

  • Ethel

  • Evelyn

  • Genevieve

  • Gertrude

  • Henrietta

  • Ingrid

  • Jude

  • Loretta

  • Mildred

  • Muriel

  • Myrtle

  • Penelope

  • Ruth

  • Sofia

  • Trudy

  • Vivian

  • Winnie

More Names

  • Color: Complete list of names by color, including (Black, Brown, Grey, Red, White, and Yellow).

  • Themes: Themes can be an easy way to name a lot of chickens at once. We have a collection of themes including Disney Characters, Elegant Flowers, Names for Groups & Pairs, and based off Personality & Characteristics

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this list helpful. If you use one of these names, we would love to hear!

Additionally, if you have another theme you would like to suggest please send us a message or leave a comment.

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